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LA Sheriff’s Dept. Backs Revised Redemption Bill

November 9, 2010

On the surface this might not seem to affect pinball at all, however, if redemption prizes could not exceed the play price, the arcade market in CA would likely cease to exist.  Redemption is often one of the biggest money earners in today’s arcades.  Can you imagine anyone playing a crane game for 50 cents or a dollar to win a pack of gum?  The whole reason to play is the anticipation of winning something of value.

In April and May this year, Snyder intervened with Los Angeles sheriffs to secure their support for amended language to AB 1753, a state bill that was intended to outlaw slot machines that masqueraded as skill games or amusement devices. The bill’s original language was so broad that industry members feared it could effectively ban all redemption and merchandising games.

Source: Vending Times click here

The bill’s language would have restricted the value of prizes awarded by amusement machines to an amount no greater than the play price. Operators had feared that this provision would have an extremely negative impact on redemption games and skill-based prize merchandisers in California – in the worst case, outlawing this kind of equipment altogether.


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