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Robert Gagno – Inside the Mind of a Pinball Wizard

August 31, 2015

Robert Gagno is the top Canadian pinball player and one of the top pinball players in the world, currently ranked 6th in the IFPA. He’s also high-functioning autistic.  I’ve run into Robert at over a dozen events over the years, as well as his wonderfully nice parents Kathy and Maurizio.

A new documentary hopes to tell Robert’s story.  Check out the teaser below and consider donating to the Indiegogo campaign when it opens in September.

“Robert Gagno is one of the world’s best pinball players. He can talk at length about the minute details of pinball, and the level of precision needed to play on all styles of games. He also has autism, diagnosed by the time he was three years old. “I want to become a legend,” he says in this portrait documentary by SALAZAR. “I think you have to have a natural passion for a certain thing if you want to get good at something.” Gagno has a passion for pinball, and the film follows him as he rises up the ranks of the international circuit.”

Check out the film’s web site here.

Street Fighter 2 Pinball Mod

August 31, 2015

Similar to the TRON mod, this one puts a tiny SF2 Arcade in your Gottlieb SF2 Machine, making a sucky game slightly less sucky.

Heighway Pinball (Full Throttle) Seminar from ReplayFX

August 31, 2015

Heighway’s new game Full Throttle was a blast to play at ReplayFX.  Check out their seminar, courtesy of Pinball News (

A little fun

August 26, 2015

Found this tape dispenser at work in a dusty box.  It’s old, made of metal and weighs a ton. It doesn’t slide all over the table like the stuff we have today.  It comes from an era when taping stuff was far more of a daily task, and consumers demanded a more satisfying taping experience!  A more elegant adhesive device for a more civilized age.

Something about it endeared itself to me.  There’s a warehouse in the back of my office space so I decided to make this a little lunchtime project.


First, I cleaned it up.  This tape dispenser has obviously seen some action.  Oh if it could speak. What stories could it tell!


Next, I sanded off the original paint. First with 80 grit, then 120, then 320. With such a small thing, it made for quick work.

I looked up this particular model.  It was made by 3M back in the 1950s!  3M was originally known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.


Then I hit it with the buffing wheel and some jeweler’s rouge.  The metal was surprisingly soft and workable. It was so shiny after buffing, my cell phone had trouble focusing.


Next I hit it with a coat of primer.  I went to the local Michael’s and picked up some model paint.  Probably a dumb move – model paint is ridiculously over-priced.  But anyway, then I shot it with a coat of gold.


Next I masked off some of the gold with scrap-booking tape.  Then I shot it with many coats of metallic red.  The glitter doesn’t really show in the photos, and looks like imperfections, but it’s super shiny and rad.  I decided to go with an EM/Woodrail cabinet art kind of theme.  My masking technique leaves a bit to be desired, but not bad for a first effort.


Then I hit it with a few clear coats.  After a few days, the clear coat was set up so I wet-sanded with 1500 grit to take out some of the orange peel.  Then I polished out the wet sand with some Meguir’s auto swirl remover.  Then I put on a coat of wax.

Voila!  Nice and shiny!


Now I can tape stuff like a KING.  I’m the envy of, well, no one.  But like a KING!


Pinball is in Another World

August 12, 2015

Jersey Jack Pinball Gets Windfall Investment

August 8, 2015

The money from Leonard Abess Jr. will allow Jersey Jack to ramp up production and help it fill 1,500 pre-orders of its next game, “The Hobbit,” the company’s owner said.

The rumor mill was that JJP was in question financially so this is great news.  I got to see The Hobbit at ReplayFX last week and the game looks fantastic.  I can’t wait for it to hit the streets so I can try it out.

Cartoon Network Pinball Promo Bumper

August 7, 2015

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