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Pacific Pinball Museum Hosts State Championship!

January 30, 2015


ALAMEDA, Calif. /California Newswire/ — The Pacific Pinball Museum (PPC) today announced that the body that ranks the world’s best pinball players, the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA), is coordinating the second annual State Championship Series finale, a competition held simultaneously across 33 different states on Saturday, Feb. 7, 2015.

This year’s competition in California will be held at the Pacific Pinball Museum (PPM) from 1 to 5 p.m. at 1510 Webster St. in the San Francisco Bay Area’s charming island city of Alameda.

According to the IFPA press release, “After a year of grueling competitions, with more than 1,000 tournaments staged from coast to coast and more than 6,600 players putting their flipper skills and endurance to the test, it all comes down to a single day for 514 of America’s finest pinball wizards.”

Full story HERE

Pacific Pinball Open Feb 21 2015

January 26, 2015


Where: Pacific Pinball Museum. When: 2/21/15

Hey folks, I’ve decided to get off my lazy ass and do a tournament.  Actually, there’ll be two. If you’ve played in the PPO in the past you know the basic format: play each game once and either get a top score or finish high enough overall to advance to the finals.  As always, this ‘main’ tournament is FREE with regular museum admission and this is a very beginner-friendly event.  Register and play your qualifier games starting at about 4 PM, but you can show up as late as 6 or 7 and still get in.

This year I’m adding a new format as well: Round Robin.  This tournament will cost $30 on top of regular admission but all money will be paid out.  It will be limited to 40 players.  This Round Robin has a twist I think you’ll really like!  Be sure to read the rules on the tournament page to see if this is for you.  Also, note the different, much earlier start time (around 11:30 AM) for the Round Robin event.

If you want to play in the Round Robin, email me at  I will send you my paypal address where you can send the $30 to reserve a spot.  If you don’t have/want paypal your best bet is to pay through someone who does.  Worst case I’ll take your name down, but paid spots will be filled before name reservations.

Both of these tournaments will award WPPR points but under the new IFPA rules will not be combined as a “main” and “side tournament” as was done previously.

I can always use volunteers, so if you can pitch in and help for an hour or two I’m eternally grateful (email me), and the next time Mads Kristensen is in town he’ll give you a free piggy back ride (no weight limit!).

The Beauty of Beer: Pinball and Pints Beer Festival – Pacific Pinball Musuem – 2/08

January 26, 2015


Have a drink.  Have fun.  Try a new brew.  I’ll be there with some fun competitions.

Comedy Night at Pacific Pinball Museum 1/23

January 14, 2015


Friday, Jan. 23 at 7:30pm

1510 Webster St., Alameda, CA 94501

$15 Adult tickets
Includes pinball play!
Free Flipper Snacks and No Host Bar.

Come early and relax at the PPM.
A Benefit for the Pacific Pinball Museum
and the Corie Gibson Kick Cancer Fund!
With Mean Dave, Nina G., Sean McKenzie, Phil Griffiths and Headliner John Hoogasian.
Click here for advance tickets:

New Oakland-based Pinball League

January 14, 2015


The Gentleperson’s Pinball Society (GPS) is a friendly, low-stress pinball club. We cater to players of all skill levels, with a specific focus on novice and beginner players.

GPS will be playing on Wednesday evenings at Hi-Life in Oakland. Seasons will be brief, with season finals played at Pacific Pinball Museum in Alameda. Our league is “middle investment”, meaning that members will be able to enjoy a complete league experience without long term commitment.

Finals will be closed double elimination (3 out of 5) tournaments, with seeding based on performance in the season. Prizes will be given based on finals standings and overall season points.

Scores will be tracked via a Google spreadsheet, complete with fancy analytics in order to help members track meaningful data.

At this point, membership will be limited to a low number of participants. We will consider expanding the roster if we have significant interest and resources to expand.  Please contact us if you’re interested in joining!

League Headmistress: Sarah Michelle Donovan
Senior Fellow: Andy Donovan

Keep it Classy!

Welcome to Pinball Expo 1994!

December 25, 2014

Rick Stetta runs a How to Play Pinball training


Not many websites have gone unchanged in the last two decades, but there are a few.  For example, for god knows what reason, the Space Jam web site is still out there, and is exactly the same as back in 1996.

The Pinball Expo site from 1994 is also one such site.  Not sure if this is an archive of it or the original, maybe someone who remembers back that far can comment.

Meme Ball

December 19, 2014




“The pinball experts at British game room retailer Liberty Games have made a strong start in that direction by converting a 1975 Segasa “Baby Doll” pinball table into “Meme Ball,” a repository for all of human culture’s hopes and dreams and grumpy faced cats. Using 3D printers, a Raspberry Pi computer, and a lot of hard work, Liberty Games has created the only pinball machine in the world that features a “Winter is coming” reference and Rickrolls you when you lose a ball. The overall impression given by the fully functional table is a chaotic grab bag of random jokes and visual elements, all hurled at the viewer’s eyes in a desperate bid for recognition and attentionin other words, a perfect embodiment of “meme culture.” It’s a first step into converting the relics of the past into something relatable to modern eyes, creating a glorious future where we can all haz cheeseburger.”

Full article here.


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