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Is Pachinko Coming to a Casino Near You?

November 3, 2017



The Nevada Gaming Board has approved a license bid by Japanese gaming brand Sega which may allow the video game company to develop and distribute casino games for the Las Vegas market.”

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The Yellow Headband

October 25, 2017

Mark Dorsey and Leslie Ruckman earned the yellow headband for being points leader and highest winning average, respectively.  Paul Skuta wins the night’s one-handed side event against Leslie on Wipe Out to win a Blade Runner poster.

There’s still three weeks left of the PPM League Season 2.  It only takes making three  nights so you can still qualify for the Finals.  Wednesdays at 7 PM at the Pacific Pinball Museum.

Pachinko-pinball Candy machine

October 24, 2017

Without a doubt the worst pinball

October 10, 2017

healthcare pinball

Playing Bingo

October 10, 2017
william eggleston

Photo by William Eggleston

Tablet and Son of Tablet

October 4, 2017


Come play!  Wednesdays at 7.  Ten bucks.  BYOB.

Seems likely

October 4, 2017