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No one told Erin

May 14, 2016

Erin showed up to Pin a Go Go Friday, dismayed there was no cosplay element to the show.  He spent months working on his Mario Bros. Costume.


CA and NV State Champion Results

February 15, 2016

Check out the California Bracket here:

Congrats to Karl DeAngelo for winning CA!

Check out the Nevada Bracket here:

Salem Ayoob took top honors in Nevada!  Congrats!

INDISC Finals Live 1-17 @ 11AM

January 17, 2016


From ArcadeExpo in Southern California, check out the tournament finals live here:

Stream link:

Two Pics

January 11, 2016




December 17, 2015

Daily News, Bowling Green Kentucky 11/28/1990

Rob Zombie Early Look

December 16, 2015


Spooky Pinball one of the boutique manufacturers that doesn’t suck, and who brought us the excellent America’s Most Haunted, are ramping up to release their next game, Rob Zombie.


Early thoughts: The playfield is a bit spartan but America’s Most Haunted was too, yet great shots, sounds and light show put it over the top. We’ll have to see if that’s the case with RZ.

The cabinet art looks great with obvious work put into it, but the playfield art is just serviceable.  Third party mirror blades or art inserts will go a long way to filling out the macabre carnival atmosphere.


The upper playfield with mini flipper.


The toys and plastics are nicely detailed and appropriately cheeky but seem a little “tacked on” in the same way the more questionable aftermarket toy ad-ons sometimes are.  Again, AMH gave me a similar initial impression but my mind completely changed after playing it.

Like a lot of recent games, this one includes an upper playfield.  I like it’s largely-out-of-the-way placement in the back right corner as it’s less likely to be a flow-killer.  Upper playfields tend to sound good on paper but are rarely much fun to play, and judging by the video (below) that’s likely the case here. I think most of the fun of upper and lower playfields is you often must unlock access to them somehow, i.e. the fun is in the journey not the destination.  When they’re “free all day” they quickly wear out their welcome.

Okay, so my initial impression is a bit critical but I still can’t wait to play the final product, especially after the treat that is America’s Most Haunted. Likewise, Spooky have beaten the rather poor odds that plague boutique manufacturers so hat’s off to them for that.

Rob Zombie is limited to 300 games and priced at around $6000 with $1000 pre-order price to lock in your spot.

More pics and ordering info here and here’s a gameplay video:

Walking Dead Pinball Tutorial

December 13, 2015