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PPM League Week 9 – Time Attack!

March 15, 2018

THIS WEEK at the Pacific Pinball League, 23 players competed in Time Attack! Ten high-speed rounds of pinball action on electro-mechanical, Solid State and Modern games. Dexter Dong emerged victorious with 8 wins to take over as the season points leader, while Leslie Ruckman was our top woman player and 2nd overall with 7 wins.

Sean Reynolds won the history trivia contest by identifying a game in the Museum that uses Harry Williams original Tilt mechanism design, the ‘stool pigeon’, citing Genco’s “Kings”(1935). He earns a T shirt.

David Lee wins the Yellow Headband for being the player with the highest winning percentage. Congrats!

There’s only one more week of qualifying and while it’s too late to qualify for Finals, you can try out the league to see if next season might be for you. $10 for non-members (members always free), Wednesday 3/21 at 7pm. More info and full results at:




The Yellow Headband

February 9, 2018


Awarded to the PPM’s hardest worker, Ryan O’Donnell earn the headband for the most points and highest winning percentage in the first three weeks of league competition.

PPM League Week 3

February 1, 2018



Terra Lightfoot – Pinball King

January 31, 2018

Playland at the Beach – 1972

January 26, 2018

I was at the Oakland Museum main library in the History Room and they had a newspaper article from Playland at the Beach’s last days.

Playland was a Santa Cruz style amusement park that shuttered in the 1970s.  The coast used to be dotted with these parks of this type.  In Alameda, there was [Neptune Beach](  In Oakland, there was [Idora Park](

[Playland not at the Beach]( is a Museum dedicated to Playland and old Amusement parks in general.  They have 30 pinball games, vintage arcade games going back to the 1940s, carnival games that earn tickets that can be redeemed for prizes, and lots of awesome memorabilia from the Park. Everything is on free play.  Also, Fun fact: Playland is where the Its-It ice cream sandwich originated.


PPM League Week 2 Results and Pics

January 26, 2018

Week 2 at PPM League was Pin Golf.  David Lee earned an impressive 10 strokes.  Potter won the side challenge on Creature from the Black Lagoon pin golfing his way to the video mode faster than Leslie and earning a couple T shirts.

There’s still plenty of time left to join up.  Just show up Wednesday before 7PM. We’re a friendly group and all skill levels are welcome, and you’ll get to play pinball for half off.

Louise Wagensonner INDISC Womens Division Runner Up

January 19, 2018

Bay Area pinball player Louise Wagensonner (IFPA Profile) took 2nd at the It Never Drains in Southern California tournament.  The tournament draws players from all over the US and even a few international participants.  INDISC is both a PAPA Circuit Event and STERN Pro Circuit Event so competition was especially fierce.

Louise is ranked 224th in the world in the overall rankings of over thirty thousand players, and is the fourth highest ranked Woman.  Great job on the win and representing the Bay Area, Louise!

Watch the Women’s Final Four below.  (The video should start at the Women’s Finals, but if not, go to 5:25:00)