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Pinballs nabbed in gambling raid

October 23, 2010

Bob Getchey is a customer of another raided business, Knockers Billiards and Games. He said he knows gambling is a bad habit but thinks authorities are targeting the wrong group. ” People work for their money and they want to blow it, that’s up to them. They hit these small businesses, it’s just sad to me. Why don’t they go after real crime, the drug dealers and stuff like that, not somebody playing a pinball machine,” Getchey said.–illegal-gambling-pinball-machines,0,7057392.story

It’s not clear how the pinballs were used for gambling, exactly, though it’s also possible that Shamokin, PA might still deem free games to be a form of gambling payout.


Although agents involved in the raid provided no information, an undercover trooper with the state police parked a truck with two confiscated pinball bingo machines secured in the back near one of the scenes. According to evidence forms attached to the machines, they were both confiscated from 310 E. Independence St., the site of Daily Grind Coffee Bar. The suspect’s name listed on the form was Kenneth Sikora.

So it turns out they’re Bingo Pinballs, which were definitely known for being used for gambling.