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Pinball FX2 Launch Trailer

November 7, 2010

I have to say the graphics are quite impressive in this game but the play looks a tad floaty.  Anyone who owns the game care to comment?

To watch this video in HD click here: youtube=

  1. Henry permalink
    November 19, 2010 11:36 am

    Yeah, that’s probably my biggest complaint about Williams PHoF, and to a lesser extent, Pinball FX2. The tables that support post-passing on HoF support them to a ridiculous extent – you can pretty much post-pass in your sleep, because the timing is incredibly forgiving, and there are a *lot* of shots that feel like they’re on rails. Pinball FX2 has its share of rail shots, but to a much lesser extent — the timing is a lot tighter. That’s why I’m surprised that the vast majority of comments I’ve read favor HoF as a better sim.

    To be fair, I haven’t played nearly enough real-life pinball to be able to quantify which is more accurate, only enough to know that neither gets it totally right. But the thing about video pinball (and video games in general) is that it doesn’t have to be realistic to be “fun” — and if you’re tilting your simulation to be easier, you’re effectively widening your audience. (Another reason why I think Stern’s newfound insistence on magnetic randomness to shorten ball time is a mistake.) I think as pinball inevitably evolves into the purely digital realm, there will be far less of a demand for realism and realistic table features, as long as the ball behaves in a way that “feels” plausible, and if the table gives you enough of a sense of progression or accomplishment (graphically or otherwise) to smooth over the difference.

  2. Jonny 0 permalink*
    November 17, 2010 10:31 am

    One thing I regularly see in sims is a feeling of “riding on rails” with some of the shots. Like if I hit the ball anywhere on this certain part of the flipper, regardless of the incoming angle, speed, spin, etc. it always goes a certain way. That’s definitely nothing like the real-life counterparts. It doesn’t have to match reality exactly but it does need to feel intuitive.

  3. Henry permalink
    November 14, 2010 9:07 pm

    Regarding the rules: I don’t find them to be more complicated than your average modern machine, but they ARE poorly documented. Features on the table are called by their in-game names, but NOT physically shown. In “Pasha”, for example, there’s a reference to an “oasis” … which is neither labeled nor obvious on the playfield. Plus, some of the table features (targets, etc.) are only really visible during the initial “flythrough” at the attract screen. Someone at Zen needs to play Williams HoF and copy how they do their tutorials.

    However, I’d personally give the edge to FX2 over HoF in sim quality; I find the HoF sims to be much easier and simpler than their real-life counterparts, and there are weird glitches on certain tables (like the ball sometimes passing THROUGH the gopher targets on No Good Gofers). There are also way too many repeatable shots in HoF, in general — as in, the timing to hit certain shots (either on the fly, or from a cradle) is much more forgiving than it is in real life. Most obvious example is the Funhouse kicker; I can more or less infinite loop a shot on-the-fly off the kicker to the wind tunnel, without trying very hard. Also, post-passing tends to be ridiculously easy on the tables that support it.

  4. November 12, 2010 10:12 am

    It’s a good game but the rules are hard to understand. I’m someone who plays A LOT of pinball but I have a hard time figuring out what to shoot for to start modes/multiball etc… I wish they would rip off the rulesets more from real pinball tables so the game play would be more intuitive to the pinball fan. They should invest in an Attack from Mars and stick it in the developers break room so they can learn how to program a pinball the right way.

  5. Craig permalink
    November 9, 2010 1:39 pm

    The gameplay in Pinball FX2 is improved over the first version of the game. It is now easier to aim with the flippers and the ball physics feel better. The graphics are very nice, and the new tables are much more creative and fleshed out when compared to the initial tables. They spent more time on the music, sound effects and voice calls and it shows. It’s not perfect, I think Williams Pinball Hall of Fame plays better overall.

    The ability to compete with friends is a great addition. The developer has also promised global tournaments to compete in, yet none have started at this time.

    The downloadable content is a nice addition and it is well worth downloading Excalibur and Earth Defense.

    Overall its one of the best “next gen” pinball games you can buy.

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