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Interview with Cayle George

November 24, 2010

Cayle George is currently the 11th best pinball player in the world, and he’s a assured of re-cracking the top 10 once the results of Shorty’s 2010 tournament, held this past weekend, are submitted to the International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA). Cayle finished second out of what is typically a field of 100+ competitors.

I met Cayle for the second time back in October at the Pacific Pinball Exposition in San Rafael and he agreed to an interview for  We set to work but since then my pinball life has been a bit nuts running the SF Avatar Launch Party, a private tournament for Backbone Entertainment, helping with a Crohn’s and Colitis Benefit at Pacific Pinball Museum and The Battle for the Bay Pingolf tournament.

A lot of work but a ton of fun.  My only regret?  I’m a huge fan of Backbone’s Street Fighter: HD Remix and was hoping there would be a cute girl in a Chun Li costume at their Halloween party. No such friggin’ luck.  But I digress.

Cayle has lots of cool stuff to say about his early pinball experiences, how he prepares for a tournament and what annoys him most in a competitive situation.  Check it out.


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