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Pinball Summer

November 29, 2010

Pinball Summer is not a good movie by most standards but of course that puts it on my A list of must-see trashy films.

It was originally titled Pick-up Summer but they changed the name to capitalize on the 70’s pinball craze.  There’s quite a bit of actual pinball so that’s about the only thing that doesn’t feel like a cheap cash-in in this clearly “filmed while stoned” effort.

The movie makes practically zero sense.  Something about a stolen pinball trophy followed by lots of crazy shenanigans and topless scenes to retrieve it.  Biker gangs, hookers, car chases, bikini babes, amusement parks, burger joints, pool parties, dumb cops and of course, pinball.  Jeez, all that for a $5 trophy.  It was like the The Quest for Fire.

The good news is someone thought this film was worth a dvd transfer so you can rent it from netflix.

NOTE: The following clip contains brief nudity

NOTE: The above clip contains brief nudity.

BONUS: Here’s a song called “pinball summer” by a band called Sekiden, who describe themselves as “powerpunk, pop and new wave”.

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