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Emotional Pinball

December 4, 2010

There is a type of music for women who are inextricably attracted to douche bags and it comes in two main flavors.  It’s either angry chick rock or moping wounded bird music.  Both types are primarily played on acoustic guitars.

I was dating this girl back in college and she put Jewel in the CD Player so naturally I barked “Oh hell no!”  And she looked at me with honest surprise.  “What, you don’t like Jewel?!”  It was like a total deal-breaker for her.  But no, since I’m neither female nor attracted to douche bags, I don’t like Jewel.  Take that shit out.  Seriously, would I put Rage Against the Machine or Slayer in the player (music for angry young men who fear/hate most women/society/their parents) when she was around?  No way.  I’m sensitive like that.

So as for this song, Emotional Pinball, I have no idea if it’s any good or not since I’m not in the target demographic.  Also, I suspect there are few readers of this blog who are female.  Therefore, if you are a douche bag, maybe you can have your girlfriend (or girl on the side, or bed buddy, or one night stand girl you said you loved) watch and let us know.  kthx.

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