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New movie coming your way – The Pinball Collector

December 15, 2010

From Randy and Keith Elwin, the guys who brought you Pinball 101 comes their latest video: The Pinball Collector, on sale starting December 16th.

Fans of Pinball 101 will recognize a similar style to Pinball 101 however this is a very different film, aimed squarely at enthusiasts who are interested in historical games and pinball history in general.  It is, at its core, a fairly straightforward rundown of notable games of yesteryear, and by yesteryear I’m speaking of the 1930s through the 1950s, with a sprinkling of pinball “pre-history” thrown in, such as turn-of-the-century bagatelles.

Each featured game is prefaced with newsreel or film footage of the time to add atmosphere to the presentation of the games.  And many games which were “firsts” at something are featured: the first game with flippers, the first multiball, and so on.  Also featured are games which are just plain odd and amazing, such as Fury, an EM from 1935 which sends trapped balls through a chutes and ladders arrangement of wireforms and scoring holes.

Without a doubt, The Pinball Collector represents the most professional, high quality filming of vintage historic games available, and fans of these games or the curious can expect a great deal of eye candy.

Martin Ayub and I were sent a copy of the film to review prior to release.  Martin covers additional features of the film and I took on interviewing Randy Elwin on the production, Pinball 101 and TourneyCam.  You can read it here:

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