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Pinball in Spain – New Canasta

January 11, 2011

A company in Spain started manufacturing pinball games about year ago.  The game is called New Canasta (‘Canasta’ is Spanish for ‘Basketball’).

New Canasta has a relatively simple layout and is a remake of Canasta 86.  It’s basically a modernized classic game. While I enjoy those old school games my personal experience is that most players gravitate toward the modern games with ramps, modes and faster action.  Thus, New Canasta with its innovative features, but Tears for Fears-era gameplay, may have players scratching their heads. has a write-up and some pictures here.

What’s most different from typical pinball games made today is the inclusion of an LCD monitor, a very welcome departure from the geriatric dot matrix display (dmd) that is sadly still the norm in even the newest pinballs.  Seriously, I’m in my mid-30s and I was playing DMD games back in HIGH SCHOOL.

And not even like two months before I graduated, either, but when I was a freshmen listening to Vanilla Ice and rolling up my pant legs still.

Above: Don’t hate: there was a crack epidemic going on.

Now that the game has been out for awhile I decided to go hunting for some videos and frankly the results are a bit disappointing.  I wasn’t able to find much of actual location play or owner videos. Most of the vids appear to come from the manufacturer.  Hopefully this will change at some point but until then this is what we got.



Configuration tutorial video.  It’s in Spanish but it’s still pretty easy to follow if you’ve ever adjusted settings on a modern pinball game.

Assembly-line walkthrough:

The game’s display can be set up for 3rd-party advertising.


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