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Slash and the Pinball Machine

January 17, 2011

Reading an autobiography of a person with paranoid schizophrenia, the author relates this bizarre experience involving a grandiose delusion.  You can read another 20 pages of this guy’s extremely unfortunate yet interesting condition:


The pinball machine was themed to be Guns ‘N Roses, the rock and roll band. The more I played this pinball machine, the more sure I was that Slash, the guitarist for the band, had designed it himself.

While my clothes were washing, I looked over my shoulder between games at the other people in the laundry—mat. There was a young Hispanic-looking family standing and talking, they had a little baby girl walking and babbling around. I dropped my quarter in the pinball machine and started playing again. Almost half—way through the game, I sensed someone watching over my shoulder, turned and looked, and there was Slash.

His face was right next to mine, he nodded his head in a gesture to say hello, and then he said, “Play on.” I turned my astonished gaze back to the pinball machine, and continued playing. Slash had cut his hair back so that it was only to his shoulders, but it was still that curly frayed hair of his. I had only seen Slash’s face a couple of times, but this man had his eyes and face. I decided since he knew that I loved his guitar playing so much, that he was visiting my computer-world just to let me know that he appreciated my adoration. He watched for a couple more minutes, and then began playing the video game next to me while I finished my game.

My clothes in the washers were done, so I left the pinball machine and told Slash (not daring to say his name) that I was done if he wanted to play on it. After I was done loading the dryers, I watched Slash play on the pinball machine. He was really skilled and scored much higher on the pinball than I could have ever dreamed. After his first game was over, he gave me a wise smiling expression, and slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out a large pocket—knife. In one swift move, he kneeled down and jimmied the quarter-slot with his knife, and the pinball machine started another game. This impressed me but didn’t really surprise me; I already knew that Slash was cool. His little girl came up and was holding on to his leg, and I started to feel a little overwhelmed, so I went outside for a cigarette.

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