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February 1, 2011

Above – From left to Right: Walter  Hurwitz (4th), Andrei Massenkoff (3rd), Hal Erickson (Grand Champion), Tim Hansen (2nd)

Thanks to everyone for coming out!!  Around 40 players entered and the top 6 Open and top 6 Novice Division players won plaques.  Every entrant got an official Flynn’s Arcade token from Disney California Adventure, as well as nachos (if they were fast enough, apparently…)

Don’t forget there is a double tournament weekend coming up.  February 25th at the Stork Club in Oakland and February 26 is the launch party for newest pinball game: The Rolling Stones.  Check back for details coming soon.

HUGE thanks to all who helped out but especially Mark Altvater for making those sweet-ass plaques for the top 3 in each division.

Top 8 in Novice:

7: Selena Shook
7: Jeannie Rodriguez
6: Chris De Leon
5: Jason Delaro
4: Michael Schiess
3: Justin Haber
2: David R.

Mitch Tunick – Novice Division Winner.

Top 16 in Open:

16: Keith Parkins
15: Dottie Ledesma
14: Matt Warren
13: Alex Samonte
11: Denise McCullough
11: Mark Altvater
9: Jim Viera
9: Beth Davies
8: Ricky Valdez
7: Josh Warren
6: Bob Schwarzmann
5: Pat Choy
4: Walter Hurwitz
3: Andrei Massenkoff
2: Tim Hansen

Hal Erickson – Open Division Grand Champion.


Full Results:

Note: These are the results submitted to IFPA for World Pinball Ranking Points and are based on Open Playoff results and Qualifier order after that.  IFPA does not recognize Novice Final results where ranking points are concerned.

1. Hal Erickson

2. Tim Hansen

3. Andrei Massenkoff

4. Walter Hurwitz

5. Pat Choy

6. Bob Schwarzmann

7. Josh Warren

8. Ricky Valdez (jr)

9. Beth Davies

9. Jim Viera

11. Mark Altvater

11. Denise McCullough

13. Alex Samonte

14. Matt Warren

15. Dottie Ledesma

16. Kieth Parkins

17. David Rockholt

18. Chris DeLeon

19. Selena Shook

19. Erica Riekki

21. Mitch Tunick

21. Justin Haber

23. Chris Heileg

24. Michael Schiess

24. Kevin Reikki

26. Jeannie Rodriguez

26. Aaron Wong

28. Molly Reismann

28. Rick Valdez, Sr.

30. David Joud

30. Teresa Altvater

32. Darrin B.

33. Henry Huang

34. Roone Silberman

35. Reno Reikki

36. Rory Reikki

37. Theo Gruber

38. Jem Gruber


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