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Tilt – Brooke Shields – Full Movie

June 19, 2011

Tilt stars Brooke Shields as a young pinball champ who hustles her way from game to game with that guy from Krull.

The story goes like this.  The guy from Krull ran away from his home town as a pretty boy nobody and is determined to make it somehow and return triumphantly.  Unfortunately, he can’t get a break in the singing world and is just about ready to throw in the towel until  he sees young, impressionable Brenda the pinball wizard as his ticket to easy money.  Ultimately, Krull guy wants to get revenge on his old rival, a pinball champion known as “the whale” and they hustle their way cross country for the eventual showdown.

Tilt is one of those movies that wouldn’t be made today. Almost from the start the creepy sexualization of Brooke Shields’ character begins in earnest.   Keep in mind she was like 14 when she made this film and looked more like 11 or 12.  Even Lorenzo Lamas tries to get a piece.

Creepy pedo aspects aside, Tilt is some pretty good, campy entertainment.  Also, don’t miss the “Koala” pinball machine, which was named after the production company.

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