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TRON at the Pacific Pinball Museum! Come play!

July 13, 2011

For those of you lucky few who attended California Extreme, you couldn’t help notice Marco Specialties super-impressive booth.  In a very generous move by Marco and co. they’ve loaned the TRON that was at the show to the Pacific Pinball Museum, the only one currently on location in the Bay Area!  All coin-drop into TRON will go to support the museum.  Huge thanks to Marco for their generous support to the Museum and to Bay Area Pinball.

As for the game, it’s STERNs best in the last two years with lots of great shots, a very satisfying upper ramp and plenty of multiball you can chain and stack.  It has a very nice skill shot, as well as an alternate skill shot that is activated by holding the left flipper while plunging the ball.  This gives you a shot at the upper ramp to spot a light cycle target.  You can then shoot the right orbit for a second light cycle, which if missed and you get a quick drain, will still be returned by the ball saver.  Once in multiball the music and light show really kicks up to 11.

TRON is available in the coin-drop area, so even if you can’t stay the whole night at PPM, it’s still worth a visit if you only have an hour or two to kill.  This is really a super fun game with a great light show, music and fast action.  No TRON fan should miss it!

As you can see below my best score for the night after around six games was 51M and change.   Would have got Grand Champion but I promised Mike Schiess no more death saves.  :-)

Also in the coin-drop line-up is IRONMAN.  Only 50 cents to play.

And if you want something a bit more retro, you can play the fantastic Pat Lawlor-designed WHIRLWIND.  A tough but very fun 90’s classic!

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