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$5 bi-monthly tournaments at Vitus

October 10, 2011

credit: Eastbay Express

Bi-Monthly Wednesday Tournaments at Vitus starting November 8th.

The second one will be on November 23rd.

These tournaments will be laid back, have a beer and play some pinball with other local enthusiasts, kind of thing.  Sure, you want to win, but the emphasis is on friendly competition with some good-natured smack talk sprinkled in.

If you aren’t that good, don’t worry!  We will teach you how to play.  We’ll show you all the fancy moves and whip you into a pinball wizard.

Price: Five bucks, plus coin drop. All the $5 entries are paid back to winners.

Where: Vitus.  201 Broadway Street (2nd and Broadway).  From SF take BART to 12th street.  It’s about a ten or 15 minute walk from 12th street to 2nd street.  You can also take the following buses: 72, 72R, 72M.

When: November 8th, 7pm start time.  (So get there earlier so you can sign in and warm up!)  The second one will be on November 23rd and I will try to do these every couple weeks.  Check my website to confirm there will be a tournament, though.

Format: The first event will be a straightforward Single Game Double Elimination.  You will pick your opponent out of a hat in the first round.  Coin-flip will decide who gets to choose which game to play (of available games), or position (1st player or 2nd player).

A Couple Rules: No bang-backs or death saves.  If you get an extra ball, you get to plunge the ball and flip one time.  You don’t get another flip if the ball saver puts it back in.  If by your flip you get a video mode or mini playfield mode (Battle the Power on Twilight Zone, or Stewie Pinball on Family Guy, for example) you can play those modes.

For the most part, games are played as-is.  Sorry if the flipper is a little weak or you don’t like the kick-out or you’re sure you hit that target but didn’t get the points for it.

How long?: Well, if you go out in two games you will probably be done by 9pm.  If you go the distance, figure on around 11pm.  If possible (maybe the 2nd round) I will restrict the tournament to two games so that people who got knocked out have a game to play.  I’ll also bring a couple board games.

Food: Vitus has some tasty eats.  Happy hour is currently 5pm to Midnight with $5 appetizers.  Burgers, Salads and other stuff also.

ATM: There is an ATM at Vitus and also a Bank of America ATM one block away.

Payouts: First place gets $20 bucks.  After that, $10 to 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. till the money runs out.

WPPRs (World Pinball Player Ranking Points): WPPRs will be awarded.  See your rank here:

But I suck: Show up early and we will teach you how to play.  I will be there around 6pm.

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