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Nov. 19, 2011 – 2nd Annual Danish Culture Festival* and Pinball Tournament

November 8, 2011

Did you know LEGOs were created in Denmark?  It’s true.  By decree of the Danish Monarchy, 33% by weight of all Danish homes, automobiles and pinball machines must be built of LEGO materials.

Failure to abide results in revocation of all mayonnaise ration stamps.  Mayonnaise is known as the “oil of Denmark” and is the most popular food in bars.  “Buy you a cup of mayo?” is a popular pick up line in Danish taverns.

Mads Kristensen, our visiting Danish player, will be on-hand at the Pacific Pinball Museum to answer all your Danish culture questions on topics such as IKEA, red light districts, numbered bank accounts and windmills.

Besides that there will be a pinball tournament.  The pinball tournament is FREE for everyone with regular admission to Pacific Pinball Museum.  If you have ever thought about competing in a tournament, this is a great way to give it a try.

Remember: we start at 6pm sharp and no entries will be allowed after 7pm, but the museum opens at 12 PM that day so come as early as you like.  Traditional Danish foods will be offered, such as Pizza, Nachos and beer.  All yours for free just for showing up and entering the tournament!

*Culture Festival limited to Danish Pinball Culture

Read about last year’s event here.

Silly Details:

   No cash prizes! Eternal fame – your name on the wall of the museum, shall be the honor of the victor. And maybe some T-shirts, PPM Club cards, DVDs and cool stuff we find on the side of the road on the way there.  Also, this is IFPA-sanctioned so you can earn world pinball player ranking points.  Yes, even if you have never played pinball in your life, when the evening is over you will be a world-ranked pinball player.  You’ll need a machete to hack your way through all the hipster envy due to your hardcore retro credibility.


All players will play one game on three machines. Please note ONE GAME
on each.

The 9 players with the best average position on the three machines
will advance to the A-finals as will the three players with a
high score on one machine.

The next 8 players who qualify for novice (see below) with the best average position on the three machines will advance to the novice finals.

And since we want this to be an international event we have reserved four
spots in the finals for players holding a foreign passport. PAPERS PLEAZE.  No just kidding.

NOVICE: To qualify for novice you must a) Not have or have ever had a World Pinball Rank ( better than 500, b) not have ever won a novice tournament before, c) not have ever finished top 3 in a local league such as EBPL, BAPA or CCPL, d) not have “placed” (1st, 2nd, 3rd) in the Open/Expert division of an IFPA-sanctioned tournament.  If the aforementioned requirements elicit a “what the heck is all that *$@!!?” from you, you probably qualify for novice.

WHEN: 6PM Nov. 19.  No entries after 7PM.  Qualifying ends at 9pm.  Players are responsible for queuing up and completing their games on time, else they get a big fat ZERO.


To get to PPM via public trans from SF:

Take the BART to 12th street station.

Take the 51A bus.  Get off between Lincoln and Santa Clara.  If you see a Citibank on the left, it is the next block. If you see a Nation’s Hamburgers, you just passed it.

Address is: 1510 Webster St

Here is a bus map:

Click to access 51A.pdf


Take the webster street (posey) tube.  Stay on Webster.  1510 Webster.  For parking, go left at Santa Clara ave and take your first left into the parking lot.

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