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New! Marin Pinball Meetup

December 5, 2011

Marcus, Jesse and me on Sunday at Country Club Bowl. Jesse made it to the semi-finals of the recent Import Danish Pinball tournament.

Nicole has started a bi-weekly pinball meet-up in Marin.  The next two dates are this Wednesday, Dec. 7 and then again on Wed December 21st.  7 – 10pm.  All skill levels and ages are welcome.

Currently the meet-up is being held at Country Club Bowl, which is basically a giant tribute to The Big Lebowski.  The $3 socks in the vending machines are a nice touch but the real star is The Candlestick Room (the bar), with decor that apparently stopped evolving some time in the mid-1970s.  You could probably order a Rusty Nail or a Rob Roy and they wouldn’t bat an eye.  I thought I was in The French Connection Part 3.  It was awesome.

Come out and play some pinball and meet fellow enthusiasts.  If you have questions, contact Nicole at

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