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February Tournaments

January 27, 2012

February 1st at VITUS in Oakland.  $5 Format is Mini-Golf.  Pick three out of the five games to play.  Maximum of 32 Players.  6 stroke limit.

In Pin Golf, objectives are set on each machine.  For example, score 3 Million points on Scared Stiff, or complete the FILM letters on Creature from the Black Lagoon.  The player attempts to accomplish each objective with the fewest number of balls (like strokes in golf) as possible, and your score is the total across the three games (lower is better).

If you are in the top 8, you advance to the semi-finals.  Games will be assigned.  The top four players will play a final round of golf to determine the winners.

February 4th at PHOENIX GAMES in Concord.  3-player team tournament.  Grab two friends and represent.  Pre-registration required.  Go here for details.

February 15th at VITUS in Oakland.  Just say no to Valentines day!  $5.


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