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EBP Battle Royale Results!

February 6, 2012

pics by Nicole Reik and Jonny O

A super fun time was had at Phoenix Games in Concord playing the Battle Royale.  27 players of all skill levels came out to test their skills.  It was a very cut-throat style of play with 3-player teams, and each player only getting one ball per game.  Pre-game strategy sessions and player-order strategies were the order of the day. The event was punctuated with team celebration victories and high-fives.  I had a few of those.  And for those that lost  (I had a couple of those, too), there were split-flipper opportunities to win prizes after the tournament.

Above: John and Josh look on as a player competes on Cactus Canyon

Above: Stephen Kleckner was the tournament organizer

Stephen ran a very solid tournament. He’s also a veteran of the local Street Fighter scene and is a mod on the forums.  I’m a bit of an old skool Street Fighter myself.

Above: Chris Heilig and Dave Rockholt do some work on Whirlwind and Cactus Canyon.

The Whirlwind sports a powerful leaf blower for a truly engaging experience.  Cactus Canyon is a rare, collector favorite, so having it on location is a real treat.  Both these games are operated by TJ Beyer, one of the principle organizers of California Extreme and an exemplary local Amusement Organizer.  If you want to buy a game or put one in your business, TJ is the go-to guy.  Email him at


“Oh yeah?  Really?”

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure. Really.”

Above: Zoe getting into the zone

Above: Aaron Wong and Nicole Reik play split-flipper on Silver Slugger

Above: Walter Hurwitz, recently injured from putting his foot too far up the ass of Attack from Mars, shows off his new playing technique.

Above: Kevin and Chris play split-flipper on Cirqus Voltaire.  They put up a solid 16 million, only to have it doubled by the Alex/Walter powerhouse.

Above: “Ever get that feeling someone is spying on you.”

“Yes, all the time.”

Above: Pinbattle Royale GRAND CHAMPS:

Damien Charlety, Jason Delano and Rick Cox!


Team Roster (click for full-size)


Results (click for full size0

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