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Vitus 2/15 Casual Flow Resuts

February 17, 2012

Photos by Henry Huang

Zoe tried out a new format this week: Casual Flow, a style popular in Portland.  Each player plays in four games and each group is random for each round.  If you got first, you got 4 points, 2nd: 2points, 3rd: 1 point and fourth: the big doughnut.  Congrats to Alex for making his first Finals appearance and congrats to me for finally getting a haircut.  Big thanks to Zoe for running the show.

DON’T FORGET: ACDC Launch Party Wednesday 2/29!  Sign up as late as 8pm.

More pictures click here.

1 Hal Erikson
2 TJ Beyer
3 Jon Olkowski
4 Alex Kirsonis
5 Steve Frisvold
5 Chris Lindboe
7 Jason Delano
8 Eric Wagonsonner
8 Tim Harrison
8 Jim Vierra
8 Erin Ray
12 Roone Silberman
12 Maurice Tierney
12 Mitch Tunick
15 Marcus Petersen
15 Kenny Smith
15 Evan Perry
18 Henry Huang
18 Rick Cox
20 Jesse Petersen

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