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We Shook It All Night Long!

March 13, 2012

Photos by Nicole Anne Reik and Henry Huang

We had an explosive crowd on Wednesday Night for the AC/DC Pinball Launch Party.  The venue was filled with spectators and 47 Bay Area competitors who vied for top honors on STERN’s latest machine.

STERN Pinball donated five translites and dozens of keyfobs for the event.  The Pacific Pinball Museum donated tons of T-Shirts and posters.  Vitus donated coupons good for drinks and appetizers.  Overall, nearly $500 in cash and prizes was up for grabs.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

We’re planning another tournament soon with the Pacific Pinball Museum because they have an ACDC Premium on the way with the added lower playfield. Expect that one around late April!

Above: Keith Parkins

Above: Josh Lehan


Above: Jim Vierra (left) and Hal Erickson (right)

Above: (left) Matt Wilmarth

HUGE CONGRATS to Chris Kochan for winning his first tournament!

2nd Place: Matt Wilmarth

3rd Place: Jim Vierra

4th Place: Zoe Vrabel

Tied for 5th: Marcus Petersen, Damien Charletty, Damian Gallagher, David Rockholt

I apologize but the novice results were lost. :(

Qualifying Scores (only the first 6 digits of scores are showing, so Jim Vierra Scored around 118.4M, for example):

Jim Vierra 118405
David Rockholt 111989
Marcus Petersen 62638
Damon Gallagher 44465
Damien Charlety 38535
Matt Wilmarth 27283
Zoe Vrabel 26543
Chris Kochan 25601
Per Schwarzenberger 21539
Josh Lehan 21061
Jason Delano 18427
Neil Shatz 17419
TJ Beyer 15813
Chris J (no last name) 14133
Walter Hurwitz 13950
Erin Ray 13464
Keith Parkins 12117
Stephen Kleckner 12049
Tim Harrison 12030
Jonny Zee 11770
Jody McCullough 11010
Chris Heilig 10951
Mike Haffner 10484
Dottie Ledesma 9727
Hal Erickson 9472
John Lautman 9346
Chris Lindboe 8728
Alex Kirsonis 8611
Fran Griffin 8458
Jesse Petersen 8174
Brad Grant 7477
Nicole Anne Reik 6927
David Heinbokel 6738
Sam Hall 6441
Darren Ensley 6341
Caryn Aulenbach 6084
Kenneith Smith 5689
Jeannie Rodriguez 5620
Mitch Tunick 5617
Dylan Eichenbaum 5568
Garrett Albright 4822
Marissa Adlard 4451
Roone Silberman 4203
Chris Harkins 3635
Jon Olkowski 3368
Echa Schnieder 3144
Henry Huang 3043
Cori Savaiano 2968
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