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Remind: Tournament at Vitus Tuesday 7PM

July 13, 2012

Theives Like Us – Stephen Cole

Tournament at Vitus 7/17, 7pm.

Entry is $5 + coin drop.  Entry is capped to 32 players.  If you are attending for sure but expect to arrive just before 7pm, email via the Contact link and I’ll hold a spot for you until 7.

World Pinball Ranking Points ( and entries for the California Extreme (Pinball Tournament will be awarded (, as well as raffle prizes.

1st place: $40 worth of entries
2nd: $30
3rd: $20
4th: $10

Cash Payouts:

5th – 8th: $5
1st: 40% (of remaining pot)
2nd: 30%
3rd: 20%
4th: 10%

Format is double-elim time attack, 3 minute rounds. However, unlike last time,
there will be no tie-breaker games due to time constraints. In regular play,
the winner in a tie will be decided by which player’s winning score percentage
is higher.

For example:

If Mads Kristensen and I played MM and SS:

Mads wins MM 20M to 15M (25%)

I win SS 8M to 7M (12.5%)

Mads wins the match since his winning game score percentage on MM is higher than
my winning score percentage on SS.

If time allows, tie breaker games will be done in the later rounds for top 4 or

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