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Two years and eight months

August 10, 2012

Someone asked me recently how many pinball tournaments I’ve run and I didn’t know off-hand. I said “around 20”.  But it got me thinking.

The first was Feb 6, 2010: “The Battle at the Beach”, which Josh Lehan won. I remember Nina G Comedian was there, as well as Hal Erickson, Andrei Massenkoff and Neil Shatz and Tim Hansen.

I spent a awhile going through old results and here’s what I got – (some dates are probably wrong):

GC = Grand Champion

Battle at the Beach Feb 6 2010 – Josh Lehan GC
Avatar Launch Party – NES GC
Battle for the Bay/Chrons and Colitis Benefit (Two in
one day – with Andrei Massenkoff) Nov 8 2010 (ANM double GC)
Ban Danish Pinball (with Mads Klæstrup Kristensen) Nov. 23, 2010 (NES GC)
Worse than Liquor January 2011 (Hal Ericson GC)
Pinball Mafia Stork Club 2-25 Emmett Cadigan GC
Pin a Go Go 2011 (Dave Esterlia – first time tournament player – GC)
Pacific Pinball Exposition 2011 (with David Baach) Kevin Martin GC
November 9 Vitus – first Vitus tournament ANM – GC
Import Danish Pinball Nov. 19 (with Mads k) ANM – GC
November 23 Vitus
December 7 Vitus
December 14 Vitus – TJ Beyer GC
January 4 Vitus (run by Zoe Vrabel) – Hal Erickson GC
January 18 Vitus Damien Charletty GC
February 2 Vitus
February 15 Vitus
ACDC Launch Party (with TJ Beyer and Jim Viera) 2/29 (Chris Kochan – GC)
March 14 Vitus
March 28 Vitus
April 11 Vitus – Hal Erickson GC
April 25 Vitus -Darren Ensley GC
May 9 Vitus (run by Zoe Vrabel) – Hal Erickson GC
May 23 Vitus (Zoe farewell) I took 3rd, gave my plaque to Zoe
May 13 STERN Determination special guests Julie Gray and Eden Stamm (ANM – GC)
Pin a Go Go 2012 – Josh Lehan GC
June 6 Vitus (ACDC Colonel Angus)
June 19 Vitus
July 3 Vitus
July 17 The Swedish Invasion – special guests Joe Said and Patrik Pal Bodin – Patrik GC
July 28-29 Fun tourneys at California Extreme – Dottie won one of these.

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  1. Josh Lehan permalink
    August 11, 2012 4:17 pm

    That is really cool! I remember when you burst upon the scene out of nowhere a few years ago, and took the initiative running tournaments. Very cool. You’re the Josh Sharpe of this area. :)
    Josh Lehan

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