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3-strikes tournament at Kimballs results

August 31, 2012

In this format players are put in random groups on a random game each round.  The top two players record a WIN and the bottom two record a LOSS.  Three losses and you’re out!

The earliest round that players could be eliminated was Round 3 (three consecutive losses), but all players got at least one Win by then and everyone got at least four games.

The order for each game gave preference to the players with the worse lost record to give them the best chance of staying in.  A rule change for next time will be that if two players have a tied loss record, if either of those players received a bye, the bye player plays in the less favorable position.  This really didn’t come into play until the very last rounds but byes becomes a more significant factor the further you go.

Blah blah blah it was fun.  See you next time on September 11 October 9.

Wins Losses Out in Round
Jonny O 7 2 winner
Devon 5 3 11
Chris Harkins 5 3 10
Damien Charléty 5 3 8
Per S 4 3 8
Eric W 3 3 7
Chris Lindboe 3 3 6
Hal Erickson 3 3 6
TJ Beyer 3 3 6
Darren Ensley 2 3 5
David Brashear 2 3 5
Matt Willmarth 2 3 5
Mitch Tunick 1 3 5
Erin ray 1 3 4
Jake Doran 1 3 4
Nicole Anne Reik 1 3 4
Nina G 1 3 4
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