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East Bay City Rumble – Results!

September 17, 2012

Above: Before the tournament got underway, the participants acted out several musical numbers from West Side Story. (pic by John Lautmann)

1st: Nudge Or Be Nudged (Andrei Massenkoff/Cathy Kleckner)
2nd: Pintensive Care (Kevin Riekki/Mitch Tunick)
3rd: Hal & Zoe (Jim Vierra/T.J. Beyer)
4th: Sibling Revelry (Chis DeLeon/Rick DeLeon
5th:Gnomosexuals (David Rockholt/Keith Parkins)
5th:The Foulmouths (Aaron Wong/Jay Sandy)
7th: Pin-decent Exposure (Chris Heilig/Justin Haber)
7th:Flippin’ Ballzy! (Devon Kelly/Hunter Roberts)
9th: The JL’s (Josh Lehan/John Lautmann)
9th: Team Canada (Jeannie Rodriguez/Nicole Ann Reik)
9th: Halcyon Daze (Jonny O/Per Shwarzenberger)
9th: The 2 Prettiest (Austin/Sean)
13th: Team Ball (Marcus Peterson/Jesse Peterson)
13th: Pin, Lose or Draw (Rich Machado/Matt Machado)
13th: Poison Fan Club (Jason Delano/Damien Charlety)
13th: Blood In Blood Out (Eddie Dobson/Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen)

Stephen Kleckner was tourney director and ultimate judge.

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