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Battle at the Beach 2: Results!

October 21, 2012

Big thanks running this one to Per S, Damien C, Erin R and others.  It was a lot of fun and we actually finished on time.

Huge thanks to Playland not at the Beach for all their support.  Playland has been a super supporter of pinball over the years.  There were several first-timers at Playland and they were blown away.  Not really a surprise – Playland is truly something special and much more than just pinball.  You just have to experience it.

Pinball Magic unfortunately turned into Pinball Tragic and I had to yank it from competition early on.  The other unfortunate scenario was in the Finals when both Per and Kenley suffered situations where the coin door on Scared Stiff spontaneously popped open!  Yikes!  We dealt with the situations as best we could, but on the second instance we applied around 8 lbs of tape to ensure the other finals group didn’t have the same trouble.

Other than that, things went great

GRAND CHAMPION: Alex Samonte ($46 + Plaque)

2: Jonny O ($34 + Plaque)

3: Josh Lehan ($23 + Plaque)

4: Walter Hurwitz ($12 + Plaque)

5: Jim Vierra ($25 Playland Family Pass)

6: Kenley Fritts ($15 Playland pass)

7: Damien Charletty

8: Per Schwarzenberger (Raffle Prize Winner: Drop Target Zine)

9. Dan Schulman

10. Jeff Fehervari (Novice 4th: Plaque)

11. Matt Willmarth

12. Stephen Kleckner

13. Chris Lindboe (Novice 1st – $25 family pass + plaque)

14. Molly Reismann (Top Woman, Novice 2nd – $15 pass + plaque)

14. Erin Ray (Novice 3rd – plaque)

16. Max (Raffle Prize Winner: Pinball 101)

16. Echa Schneider

16. Darren Ensley

19. John Lautmann

20. Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen

21. Brittany Shoot

22. Elias Zamaria

23. Devon Kelly

First Place Kids: Peter Williams (Plaque + $15 pass)

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