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The King of San Francisco

November 7, 2012

WHEN: December 6th. We start playing at 6:30 PM; registration will be open from 5 PM to 6:20 PM.

Where: FREE GOLD WATCH  on 1767 Waller St (intersection Stanyan) in the Haight. Kezar Pavilion is nearby and has (pay) parking if you can’t find street parking.

HOW: Match play, 3 strikes and you’re out!

(Depending on the turnout, we may play the first few rounds as matches best of 1 instead of 3 to save time.)

WHY: Come on, wouldn’t it be cool to be the 2012 City Champ? All it takes is $5 and quarters.

WPPR: Yes! What is this? All participants will receive world ranking points depending on how
well they fare. Check out if you don’t believe me.

What do I do when my stomach starts growling? Run across Stanyan, where the Off the Grid
food trucks are set up just so you can get your grub on!

Prizes: The winner will receive a very cool t-shirt from Free Gold Watch and 50% of the prize
pot. 2nd place gets 25%, 3rd place 15% and 4th place 10% of the prize pot. There will be prizes
raffled out as well.

For more information: E-mail Per at

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