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November 17, 2012


1st Chris Heilig
2nd Kevin Reikki
3rd David Rockholt
4th Jim Vierra
5th Alex Samonte
6th Josh Lehan
7th Matt Machado
8th Aaron Wong
9th Walter Hurwitz
9th Justin Haber
9th Rich Machado
9th Chris Smith
13th T.J. Beyer
13th Keith Parkins
13th Matt Willmarth
13th Kenley Fritts
17th Damien Charlety
17th Josh Warren
17th Dottie Ledesma
17th Erik Holverson
17th Nicole Ann Reik
17th Chris Lindboe
17th Jay Sandy

One Comment
  1. ELK permalink
    November 17, 2012 11:45 pm

    Chris H!? Congrats! My brother! ( – ok well – I see a lot of brothers on that list. But today Chris is the most brother-ish :-) Well – apart from Stephen I guess. Great guy. Great heart putting this thing together. Something you wanna support in every way.

    Way to go Bay Area!

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