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The King of San Francisco – Results!

December 9, 2012


On Thursday, 44 players competed in the first San Francisco City Pinball Championship, hosted by Free Gold Watch.  The turnout was awesome with lots of first-time tournament players as well as representation from all three bay area pinball leagues.  Everyone was super cool and excited to put their flipper skills to the test.

Per (pronounced ‘pear’) Schwarzenberger took the helm as tournament organizer and really hit a home run with his first tournament.  Everything went great.
We would like to thank our sponsors and partners for their help in making this event a success:
Free Gold Watch for the super cool venue
Pinball Pirate for the best-maintained pinball games in the City
Pabst for many beers
Chabot Space and Science Center for donating passes
Playland-not-at-the-Beach for donating passes (30+ pinballs, check them out)
Pacific Pinball Museum for discount coupons (90+ pinballs)
STERN Pinball for pinball key chains
Per would like to say thanks also to the volunteers: Matt, Andreas, Eric, Melissa, Darren and Santa Jon.
Per (center) after winning the novice division at PPE 2011
Left to Right: Andrei, Eric, Richard, Darren
Results from SF City Champ 12/6/2012
Main tournament
1.                 Andrei Massenkoff
2.                 Eric Wagensonner
3.                 Richard Leavitt
4.                 Darren Ensley
                     James Squires
6.                 Damien Charléty
                     James Vierra
8.                 Devon Kelly
                     Matt Henri
10.               Chris Atwood
                     Jacquelyn May (top Women’s finisher)
Me buying shirts from Melissa.
12.               Bryan Lester
                     Chris Heilig
                     Clifford Bradford
                     Jeremy Williams
                     Jengis Alpar
                     Molly Reisman
                     Nate Juarez
                     Per Schwarzenberger


Andreas (left), Jacquelyn May (center), Brittany (right).  Jacquelyn was the top female finisher, tied for 10th.  She sent most of the boys home early.

20.               Vanessa Gonzalez
                     Nicole Anne Reik
                     Johnny Hester
                     Matt Willmarth
                     Misael Marin
                     Walter Gomez
                     Erin Ray
                     Garrett Albright
                     Herb Vanderpoll
                     Gene Hwang
                     Jonny O
                     Echa Schneider
32.               Shawnte Fernandez
                     Jeannie Rodriguez
                     Reed Richards
                     Chris Lindboe
                     Jeff Fehervari
                     Jessica Rodgers
                     Arturo Marin
                     Lee Cunningham
                     Andreas Haugstedt
                     Brittany Shoot
                     Aaron Silabi
43.               Jacy Ceccarelli
                     John Keddie


Andrei (ANM) kills dinosaurs on Jurassic Park.


Molly (left), me, and Shawnte 


2011 PAPA World Champion, Andrei Massenkoff is also the 2012 San Francisco City Champ!


Andrei received a special, one of a kind hoody from Free Gold Watch

The side tournament on Whirlwind just cost some quarters, and players got three games to put up their best score.  I was feeling good with my 10.5 Million, which held up for several hours, but as the top players got knocked out of the main tournament they kicked me down a few flights of steps in the side tournament.    Andrei took both the main tournament and the side tournament for a huge victory.
Side Tournament Results
1.                 Andrei Massenkoff
2.                 James Vierra
3.                 Damien Charléty
4.                 Jonny O
5.                 Chris Heilig
6.                 Andreas Haugstedt
7.                 Jeannie Rodriquez
8.                 Per Schwarzenberger
9.                 Nicole Anne Reik
10.               Eric Wagensonner
11.               Devon Kelly
12.               Chris Lindboe
13.               Lee Cunningham
14.               Brittany Shoot
15.               Matt Henri
16.               Darren Ensley
If you had a good time there’s two more tournaments coming up this month!

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