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Battle at the Beach 3: Love or Pinball – Full Results!

March 2, 2013


48 players could have done something else, but instead they went to Battle at the Beach 3: Love or Pinball at Playland not at the Beach.

This tournament marks my third anniversary of running pinball tournaments and events.  Nobody knew this in advance, but such a huge turnout… my cup overfloweth.  Even my mom and dad came out, and my dad helped enter score results.  Several people brought food to share, including my girl, who brought Empanadas.


In Main Tournament Action, 2011 Pacific Pinball Expo Novice Champion and recent founder of the SF Pinball Department took top honors as Grand Champion and World’s Greatest Lover, with a Casanova Action Figure to prove his supreme virility, besting 2011 World Pinball Champion Andrei Massenkoff by one ball.  What’s especially admirable about this win is he also shared duties with Eric Wagonsonner running the Side Tournament.  Way to go!!



Andrei Massenkoff 2
Damien Charletty 3
Walter Hurwitz 4
Alex Samonte 5
Josh Lehan 5
Jeff Fehervari 5
TJ Beyer 8
Tim Hansen 9
Eric Hansen 10
Echa Schneider 11
Marcus Peterson 11
Keith Parkins 13
Eugene Gershtein 14
Erin Ray 14
Josh Warren 14
Andreas Pedersen 14
Tom Collins 14
Devon Kelly 14
Mark Nakamura 14
Chris Heilig 14
Darren Ensley 22
Debbie Cluney 22
Jim Vierra 22
Russell Dare 25
Jesse Peterson 25
Challisa Parisi 25
Jake Wrench 28
Steve Frisvold 29
Eric Wagonsonner 29
Dottie Ledesma 29
Dominic Nardini 32
Nicole Anne Reik 33
James Squires 33
Chris Deleon 35
Gene H 35
Dexter 35
Chris Gershtein 38
Brittany Shoot 38
Chris Lindboe 38
Jessica Rodgers 38
Chris Kochan 41
Tracy Chiatello 42
Kenley Fritts 42
Masha Hass 44
Roone Silverman 46
Jeannie Rodriguez 46
Bella Gershtein 48


Josh Lehan is one of the most unassuming players you’ll ever meet.  He doesn’t do a lot of fancy control moves like champion players Neil Shatz, but   he just has physic moves and flips to score points.  Josh was Grand Champion at my very first tournament, and at Battle at the Beach 3, he was side tourney champ.  Nice work Josh!!


1 Josh Lehan
2 eric Wagensonner
3 Keith Parkins
4 James Squires
5 Devon Kelly
6 Echa Schneider
7 Andrei Massenkoff
8 Walter Hurwitz
9 Kenley Fritts
10 Gene Hwang
11 Tim Hansen
12 Tom Collins
13 Erin Ray
14 Dexter Dong
15 Brittany Shoot
16 Dranne Ensley
17 Chris Gershtein
17 Damien Charlety
19 Chris heilig
19 Jeff Fehervari
19 Jessica Rodgers
19 Marcus Petersen
19 Nicole Anne Reik
24 Alex Samonte
24 Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen
24 Bella Gershtein
24 Chris Kochan
24 Chris Lindboe
24 Eugene Gershtein
24 Jesse Petersen
24 Jim Vierra
24 Josh Warren
24 Per Schwarzenberger
24 Shawnte Fernandez


In Novice action we had a few surprises.  First-timer Challisa made the cut and passed the semis to make the final 4, finishing 4th.  Debbie Cluney, who used to sit on the sidelines while watching her fiance TJ Beyer play, got in the mix for 3rd.  Erin Ray has a crazy sense of humor, and is one of the few people who can make me laugh out loud – he got 2nd.  But it was the the 13-year old wunderkind Jesse Petersen who won it decisively by two balls.  Way to go, Jesse!!


Novice Champion: Jesse Petersen

2nd: Erin Ray

3rd: Debbie Cluney

4th: Challisa Parisi

5th: Tom Collins

6th: Andreas

6th: Keith Parkins

8th: Mark Nakamura

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