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Spliff Ball

March 11, 2013

Think imbibing the devil’s armpit hair will make you cool, sexy or “hip”?  Well, think again.

‘Cause in Spliff Pinball you will learn about all the dangers of smoking Marijuana, aka the hooch or the sticky icky.  In Spliff Pinball, use your “blunts”, which are hollowed out cigars filled with marijuana, as flippers.  Since two whole blunts is a lot for one person, I guess the idea is to bat away the marijuana ball to maybe share with another person or friend, but anyway, don’t hit the brain bumper or brain damage will happen.  Also, it is not so cool to have TWO blunts for just yourself, so share Spliff Pinball with a friend.  Did I already say that?


Click here to play.

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