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Emergency Tournament! Boston Relief!

April 17, 2013


Stephen Kleckner, who ran a Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser earlier in the year, has just announced a tourney in the aftermath of the unbelievable events which recently occurred during the Boston Marathon.  Come on out and support this!

> When: May 5th 2013
> Time: Noon
> Place: Phoenix Games
> Price: 20 bucks
> WPPR: Working on it
> Prize: 5 goes to tournament pot. Depending on size of pot, either winner
> take all or we can split top 3 (70/20/10)
> Charity? 15 of 20 goes to a charity pot. Hoping someone can suggest a
> charity that is more direct to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
> Worse comes to worst, we’ll go with one of the big organizations.
> Why?: Why not?
> Format: 3-strikes. Matches are best 2 out of 3 games. First game random,
> RPS for second game/position choice.
> Posters: I will be selling a poster, with 100% of the proceeds going into
> the charity pot. If you’re at the event, it’s 10 bucks. If you’re out of
> state, 17 to cover the stupid expensive shipping tubes (seriously why are
> these things almost more than the damned postage?) and shipping. If you
> want it signed, lemme know. My ego won’t be bruised and feelings won’t be
> hurt if you don’t want it signed or you don’t want to buy one at all. It’s
> just an extra source to raise the charity pot. On that note, I haven’t
> forgotten the people who bought Royale 2013 posters. I’ll have them at the
> event for you guys.
> Website: site and rules
> will be up in 24-48 hours. When the rules are up, please pay special
> attention to a new “on the clock” rule. Although it hasn’t been a major
> issue, we have had incidents of players deciding to just mysteriously
> wander off and wank down the street mid-match while their opponent is
> standing around waiting. This is not meant to penalize players being
> present and just taking their time to play their match, but to reasonably
> cut down on people disappearing altogether in the middle of a game. ALSO,
> being late no longer guarantees a bye…it just guarantees you may get a
> strike.
> Pre-reg via p…
> Soft cap at 40-ish players.

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  1. April 28, 2013 4:14 pm

    For anyone checking this out, it’s been changed to May 5th at 10AM, NOT May 4th. Thanks!

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