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Some Metalli-pics for ya

May 22, 2013

What a cool night.  I didn’t get around to playing Metallica at Pin a Go Go so I went down to Legionnaire Saloon to try it out.  Four other guys were already down there playing it so I had to wait in line.  Then three more people showed up.  About that time I had to leave to meet some friends to see Studio Ghibli’s latest film (which was great) so I only got three games in.

Initial impressions?  Overall it’s good, and with some rules refinement it definitely can be great.  It has that “fun to play right away” feeling.  Other games take awhile to warm up to but this one feels good from the start.

In terms of difficulty it feels a little more forgiving than ACDC and Ironman, and probably on par with TRON if you could take the GEM shot out.  Being brand new it was crazy fast.


The playfield design is very good and easy to get into.  I can’t say I love it as much as TRON but my first impressions put it above ACDC.  It features in-line drop targets which haven’t been seen on a pinball game in quite a long time.  The main electric chair shot reminds me of the castle shot on Medieval Madness.

The art is better than anything STERN has done in the last decade.  Again, I really love TRON and feel the “graphic design” style art is actually a good fit for that theme, but Metallica just drips with attitude.  You look cool playing it.

Gene X was down there with us and took some fantastic photos.  Check out more here.



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