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But is it art? Todd Akin Pinball

May 28, 2013

A few of you may recall how former Republican Representative of Missouri, Todd Akin, got into some hot, hot water when he said that in cases of “legitimate rape”, a woman’s body had ways to “shut that whole thing down” (i.e. not get pregnant).  This further implied that in cases where women did get pregnant from rape, maybe it wasn’t, ya know, “rape rape” (i.e. partially or totally consensual).  Just kind of rape.  Or something.

I don’t normally get political on this site but regardless of where you stand on the issue, the guy’s comments were idiotic, and reflected his willful ignorance of the entire field of reproductive science and its advances in the last couple hundred years.  I mean, this was one of those “She won’t get pregnant if she’s on top, you know, cause of gravity” kind of stupid comments – not surprising when you hear that coming from a dumb teenager, but unacceptable and insulting when coming from an elected official.

French Artist Marie Busson, decided to turn the quote into a pinball game.

More at the artist’s web site:



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