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Extreme Photos

July 16, 2013

Gene X Hwang of Orange Photography took some awesome pics of the California Extreme tournament and show.


Click HERE for more!

Congrats to the following Bay Area Players:

The Field: 

Classics: 98 players

Casual: 79.

Modern: 132

Kids: 8


(BAPA/SFPD) Chris Harkins won the Casual Division (2-game sweep)!

(BAPA) John Lautmann took 4th in Casuals!

(CCPL) Tom Collins took 3rd in Casuals!

(BAPA) Alex Samonte placed 3rd in Classics (coming back from bottom qualifier)!

(CCPL) Jesse Petersen placed 1st in Kids!

(BAPA) Bella Gershtein placed 2nd in Kids!

QUALIFIERS: (these players finished in the top 16 in their divisions.)

(BAPA) Tim Hansen – Modern

(SFPD) Per Schwarzenberger – Modern

(BAPA/SFPD) Andrei Massenkoff – Modern

(CCPL) Marcus Petersen – Casuals

(BAPA) Josh Warren – Classics

(OG BAPA) Rick Stetta – Classics

(BAPA) Mike Hafner – Classics

(SFPD) Jeff Ferhervari – Classics

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  1. Jonny 0 permalink*
    July 29, 2013 6:02 pm

    Hey Tom! All fixed

  2. July 29, 2013 4:11 pm

    Jesse and Marcus Peterson are both with CCPL, and I (Tom Collins, also CCPL) took 3rd in the Casual Division.

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