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PAPA Thursday Qualifiers!

August 9, 2013

Those sneaky PAPA people actually started broadcasting last night.  Fortunately, the whole thing is available for your viewing pleasure with commentary by Bowen Kerins and others.

Check it out here:

Note – on one machine I tried it on I got muted audio after the ad.  This is apparently a common problem.  If I find a solution I’ll post it.

UPDATE: One possible fix is to click into the second half of the footage.  If the audio turns on for you, it will stay on when you click back to the beginning to watch the rest.  Weird but whatever.

Also of PAPA note, local player Josh Lehan is currently leading the B Division Qualifiers.  Andre Massenkoff is currently in 6th place in the A Division Qualifiers so there’s a very good chance he will also go on to the Finals.

Standings here:

After the Finals on Sunday, a few of us are heading down to Legionnaire Saloon and the Hi Life in Oakland.  Come down and join us if you like.

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