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PAPA Circuit Final Conclusion

September 13, 2013

For your weekend viewing pleasure, PAPA and present the astounding finale to the circuit final held at Pinburgh.


  1. Jonny 0 permalink*
    September 14, 2013 9:43 pm

    Wow, that’s friggin awesome, Josh! Awesome story. You’re definitely one of the “Rules Encyclopedias” in the community.

    I recall playing you in the EBPL finals a couple years ago and my first thought was “which game does Josh not know.” I picked Frankenstein, since it was the most obscure game in the line-up there, and you said, “Oh I love this game.” Oops.

  2. September 14, 2013 9:35 pm

    I remember watching that in real life! Accari crawled his way up the entire ladder starting at the very bottom, limping into the tournament with the minimum entry. Amazing! I’m so proud of him, and of the fact that he came up to me as he was playing and picked my brain for strategies on Future Spa. I was able to tell him about the middle lanes to open the gate at the left drain, and about spotting letters and hitting multipliers. Simple game, really. I’m flattered that out of anybody there he chose me to ask about the game. Too bad Geoffrey Neuman wasn’t there, he has mastered that game and knows everything about it! Glad Accari had great balls on that game and it paid off well for him.

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