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Hi-Life 9/24 Results

September 25, 2013

Thanks to everyone who came out last night!  Fun times.  Congrats to Joey Springer on the win, who drove all the way up from Monterey!  Hey Damien, he drove even further than you (and showed up on time cough cough) :-) Thanks to Hi-Life Pizza for donating drinks and slices.

See you next time on 10-16 for the STAR TREK PINBALL Launch Party!  Early word is Trumer Pilsner Ale will sponsor the event with some freebies.

1 Joey Springer $50
2 Walter Hurwitz $37.50
3 Chris Lindboe $25
4 Chris Kochan $12.50
5 David Joud $5
6 Jon Olkowski $5
7 Eric Wagonsonner $5
8 Josh Warren $5
9 TJ Beyer
10 Eugene Gershtein
11 Dylan Jolliffe
12 John Lautmann
13 Matt Willmarth
14 Tim Harrison
15 Steve Frisvold
16 Chris Harkins
17 Darren Ensley
18 Devon Kelly
19 Echa Schneider
20 James Squires
21 Jason Patton
22 Dextor Dong
23 Damien Charlety
24 Fred Hamilton
25 Sally Sparks
26 Erin Ray
27 Jeff Fehervari
28 Jeannie Rodriguez
29 Reid Richards
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