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East Bay City Rumble Results

October 6, 2013

Stephen Kleckner of the EBPL put on another great tournament in association with Phoenix Games of Concord.  Phoenix Games went the extra mile by renting the vacant storefront next store and insuring all games brought by players!  Wow!  I really respect their commitment.

This time it was a 2-man team tournament with tons of great games. There were a lot of fierce battles and it was a ton of fun!

Team Smooth Operators, TJ Beyer and Jim Vierra took top honors with some super smooth play to go the distance.  Nice work, guys!


Darren sizes up on Cactus Canyon

Crowd Shot 2

Pre-tournament rules overview in the back alley. Hey, it was a rumble. That’s where it goes down, right?

Lineup 2

Cactus Canyon demands maximum intensity.

Not Dead Yet

Chris Heilig making a big save. Would the game be nice and stay up?

Stephen Hands Out Score Sheets

Tournament Organizer Stephen Kleckner hands out the game assignments.

Trophies (except for Grand Prize chain)

Stephen fashioned some nice baller trophies for the top 3.

How did I do?  I played with Mark Birching, one of the honchos at CA Extreme, and Mark played great and we had a lot of fun.  Mark isn’t a competitive player per se, but he’s played pretty much everything under the sun and we worked his rules knowledge advantage on Surf ‘n Safari several times to get a few wins.

Neither of us was looking to win the whole thing but…

And it’s a big BUT

On game three of our final match we played Wizard of Oz.  I had ONE shot to multi, backhanded Tin Man off the plunge to light the last lock.  If I got multi it basically would have secured us the victory.  The ball went into the slings and drained down the left side.  Since my ball saver was on, I didn’t try to save it and risk a tilt.

Then WOZ, instead of giving me my ball back, gives me “no place like home” mode, meaning, my ball was done, cause that mode is terrible.  And we lost the match.


I don’t mind losing, but losing like that is whack as hell.  It wasn’t skill.  It wasn’t pinball.

Oh well.  Shake it off, play some casuals and hang out with pinball folks.  That’s all you can do, right?

Thanks to Stephen and Phoenix games for hosting a solid and well-run tournament.  See you at the next one!

A full list of participants is here:

Supreme Champion: Smooth Operators (EBP)
Worthy Adversary: Double Pinatration (EBP)
Maybe Next Time: Victorious Secret (EBP)
4th place: Alpha Betas (EBP)
5th place tie: Intoxicated When Lit (CCPL)
The JL’s (BAPA)
7th place tie: Bad Cats (BAPA)
Full Tilt (BAPA)
9th place tie: E-Cig Marketing Team (EBP)
Diamond Arms (SFPD)
13th place tie: Gnyce (EBP)
Masters of the Universe(EBP)
Slam Tilt Twins (BAPA)
Flippin’ The Bird (Parts Unknown)
17th place tie: M and T (EBP)
Pinche Pendejos (BAPA)
Team Kerfuffle (BAPA)
Team Captain America (Parts Unknown

Full Double-Elim bracket here:

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  1. October 6, 2013 11:57 am

    Damn SFPD did NOT represent! We gotta step it up – although I see some folks in SFPD affiliated with other leagues…hmm…

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