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I apologize for posting this

October 26, 2013

Not since the Theater of Magic Promo video have I seen something this absurd.  And baby, I’ve seen a LOT of pinball videos.

It kicks off with a stiff introduction.  Not great but no big deal for an amateur production.  Around 1:30 is when the fun starts.  Maybe she ate some bad tacos or lost a bunch of money on her Medieval Madness, I don’t know, but she spontaneously freaks out and goes Exorcist on us.  Just not in a good way.  And by that I mean not in a bad way.  I mean, well, if you thought Exorcist 2 was high art, you’re probably going to love this!

I’ll give her credit, this girl goes all-in with her performance.  But unfortunately we don’t get Linda Blair, here.  It’s more like tripping on LSD while watching an Ultimate Warrior interview.


Highlights include:

– “TNT is DEAD!” (TNT Amusements is a rival game company)

– Zombie girl telling the audience they “suck balls”.

– “TNT Subscribers are bitches!”

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