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Reminder: Tournament Tuesday

November 25, 2013


7 PM at Hi-Life

Come down and have some pizza and beer with us.

When: Tuesday 11/26. 7 PM start time.  Sign in by 6:50 to play in the tournament.  No late-comers for this one please.

Entry: $5 to enter the tournament, and then quarters for your games.

Where: Hi-Life Pizza in downtown Oakland, 400 15th Street.  It’s at the corner of 15th and Franklin Streets.  The sign says “Rico’s Diner”. DO NOT BE FOOLED.  Games are upstairs.

For BART, take 12th street exit and it’s a five minute walk.

Parking: Meters run until 6.  Street parking is usually not bad in this area.

Who can play: This is open to all players, ages and skill levels.  For example, Ralph Macchio.

What Games: Current line-up is Whirlwind, Earthshaker, Dracula, Indiana Jones, Radical, Batman and Attack from Mars.

Format:  Group Three Strikes.  Players are organized into groups.  The top two players record a win, the bottom two a loss.  Three losses and you’re out.  Player order is determined by win/loss record.  Players with worse loss record have first choice of order.  Max one bye per player until all other players have earned byes.

Is there some cool, hip or ironic tie to the movie MYSTIC PIZZA?  No, I lack creativity.

Have you even seen it? No.

Maybe someday we’ll watch it together?  Sure. I’d like that very much.

Wpprs: This tournament will award world pinball player ranking points (wppr) at 1/4 value.

Payouts: 1st: 40%, 2nd: 30%, 3rd: 20%, 4th: 10%.  If more than 16 players enter, then 5th – 8th also get $5

Obvious: Please don’t bring in outside food or drinks. Thanks.

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