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Hi Life 12-29 Results

December 31, 2013

A big ‘thank you’ to Tom Collins, Eric Wagonsonner, Damien Charlety, Josh Warren, and several others for their help with running the tournament.

Tim Hansen played some solid pinball to win the event, first defeating Josh Lehan (who previously squashed me like a small insect on Batman with around 140M to my 70M) and sending him to the Loser’s bracket.  Josh went on to rally and defeat TJ Beyer for a second shot at Tim.  Fatigue was clearly setting in for both players.  On the first game of Attack from Mars, neither player cracked 2B, and there were noticeable fatigue-induced flipper fumbles.  Tim was able to hold off Josh on Fish Tales and take the win.  Congrats Tim!

MAIN Tournament

2 Josh Lehan $60
3 TJ Beyer $40
4 Chris Lindboe $20
5 John Lautmann $10
5 Jon Olkowski $10
7 James Squires $10
7 Tony Lavigna $10
9 Chris Harkins
9 Eric Wagensonner
9 Daniel Daury
9 Karen Tsunoda
13 Josh Warren
13 Jeff Gagnon
13 Usama Farage
13 Cary Carmichael
17 Damien Charlety
17 Devon Kelly
17 Jeff Fehervari
17 Andy Donovan
17 Tom Collins
17 Jeff Bumgardner
17 Aaron Schneickert
17 Walter Hurwitz


In side tourney action, everyone on Star Trek washed out in Round 3, including yours truly, while six players on Radical advanced to Round 4 on Whirlwind.  In Round 4, only Walter Hurwitz surpassed the required score of 8M, so if no other players could do likewise, he was the guaranteed winner.

The side tournament format was ‘High Jump’.  In Round 1, you had to either get 10M on Star Trek or 3M on Radical.  In Round 2 you needed 16M on Star Trek or 5M on Radical.  Each round gets tougher until four or less players are left, at which point they play for highest score.

Damien didn’t do well in the main tournament but managed to make it to Round 4 in the side tourney.  He finally remembered he was playing in a competition and turned his game up to full blast, just squeaking over the 8M line on the end-of-ball bonus of his last ball to earn a face-off with Walter.   I made some jokes about the French to get Damien fired up and it worked.  He put up a solid 10.8M on a very mean Whirlwind with extra balls turned off (the low score in Round 4 was under a million!).  Walter also had a solid game but came up just a bit short. Congrats to Damien!

1 Damien Charlety $64
2 Walter Hurwitz $48
3 Usama Farage $32
4 John Lautmann $16
5 TJ Beyer
6 Josh Lehan
7 Aaron Schneickert
7 Chris Harkins
9 James Squires
9 Jon Olkowski
11 Josh Warren
12 Tim Hansen
13 Karen Tsunoda
13 Devon Kelly
15 Tony Lavigna
15 Eric Wagonsonner
17 Jeff Fehervari
17 Tom Collins
19 Chris Lindboe
19 Cary Carmichael
21 Jeff Bumgardner

Have a happy and safe New Years everyone!

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