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Python Anghelo

April 9, 2014

Python Anghelo was a pinball designer and graphic artist.  He moved to the US from Transylvania, Romania at the age of 17.  He is best known for Pinbot and it’s sequel Machine: The Bride of Pinbot, but he also brought us Taxi, Grand Lizard and several others. Of particular note, he designed The Pinball Circus, a vertical pinball whose footprint is similar to a video game cabinet.  Only two prototypes were made, one of which is at the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Python was always trying different things with his designs.  Not all of it worked, but he was always original.  Gameplay never feels routine from one game to the next.

Python was quite a character and didn’t pull punches.  His Topcast interview is the stuff of legend and when he was a speaker at shows he was always popular because you didn’t know what he might say next.  Maybe occasionally outspoken to a fault but you never doubted his love of pinball.  Rest in peace.







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