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Bally Supersport

May 9, 2014

Mike Mahaffey posted what could possibly be the greatest pinball backglass the world has ever known.



Now that you’ve seen this, your life is forever changed.  No, don’t fight it.  Embrace it.  Let it wash over you. Let’s break it down.


This backglass pretty much covers about 99% of the 1980s.  If the artist formerly known as Prince ever plays this game, a rip in the fabric of time and space will assuredly be the result.

Don't risk it.

Don’t risk it.


If this game is ever in a tournament and you show up wearing a Swatch, you should win automatically.


Tournament over. You win.


Flashdance was such a hit that blonds took a backseat to brunettes for a bit.


Strapping a computer to exercise equipment was a big deal.  In fact, they tried to stick a computer in everything.  Even digital watches, which are already computers, needed more computer, so they did that too.


The artist of this glass is Mychael Gerstenberger of Berlin, and I think it’s pretty obvious this man is a genius.  The glass came about because operators complained that Hardbody’s glass was too sexual, so he created this subversive 80s time-capsule of distilled awesome.  Thank you, sir.  The world is better for your efforts.

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  1. ELK permalink
    May 10, 2014 4:07 am

    Great back glass! And great break down Jon!

    I am surprised though – and a little hurt – about your comment on ‘Scrawny 80’s dork’. We have feelings too.

    1 love.


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