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Super Remind: Pin a Go Go this Friday!

May 12, 2014



This will be my 5th Pin a Go Go!

Hey groovy people in pinball land, don’t forget this weekend starting Friday is the annual Pin a Go Go pinball show!  200+ pinballs in two big showrooms, pinball tournament, pinball parts, accessories and lots more.  All proceeds of the show go to benefit local youth charities.

More info HERE.

According to the weather people, it’s going to be hot this year, particularly on Friday when temps will be in the 90s.  Saturday and Sunday will cool about 10 degrees but that’s still quite warm.  Pinball is hot and thirsty work so be sure to hydrate and/or bring some extra bucks to buy a frosty beverage at the snack bar (which will be open for your convenience).

See you at the show!

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