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Bay Area Players at the IFPA World Championship

May 23, 2014


Two Three Bay Area players are currently at the IFPA World Championships.

The first is local phenom and 2011 PAPA World Champion Andrei Massenkoff of San Francisco. Andrei is arguably the best “flow” player in the world.

The second is a relative newcomer to the scene, Andreas Pedersen, also from San Francisco and originally from Denmark. He’s been showing in recent results he’s got some chops, finishing 3rd at the Pacific Pinball Open against tough competition.  I’ve watched Andreas improve by leaps and bounds over the last couple years and as good as he’s become I think he still has many unexplored weapons in the arsenal.  I imagine as he starts to use them he’ll continue to surprise.

The third is Joey Springer of Santa Cruz (thanks to James for letting me know).  I did a three-tournament series at Hi-Life Pizza and Joey won all three!

Follow the standings here.

Good luck guys!

(EDIT: Someone pointed out to me that Joey Springer is also competing this year.

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  1. james permalink
    May 24, 2014 3:18 am

    dont forget joey springer!

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