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The Power of Four Pinball Tournament

August 18, 2014

The Power of Four Pinball Tournament

Note: WPPR Points awarded (this tournament is sanctioned by the IPFA:

The Power of Four Pinball Tournament
Saturday, September 6th
What Time:
Main Tournament Qualifications: 10am-4PM
Main Tournament Playoffs start around 4:30pm
Side Tournament All Day!
Register with the web-link and get the address.  Location is in Folsom, CA.

Main Tournament

The Power of Four
  • 8 machines set up for the main tournament.
  • Open qualification will be from 10AM to 4PM.
  • Playoffs will follow afterwards, with a 30 minutes break prior.

Players are ranked by their score on each machine.
On each machine, the scores are ranked as follows, with only the top 4 scores getting points:

  • 1st: 4 pts,
  • 2nd: 3 pts,
  • 3rd: 2 pts,
  • 4th: 1 pt,
  • 5th and below: 0 pt

Any player that has at least 1 point at the end of the qualification period is in the playoffs.
That means that up to 32 people can make the playoffs!

Playoff seeding will be based on the number of points accumulated by each player, with the highest total being given the higher seed.

  • Players seeded 1-8 will be given 2 byes.
  • Players seeded 9-16 will be given 1 bye.
  • Players seeded 17-32 will meet in the first round.

Playoffs will be best of 3 match play on any of the main tournament machines (no repeat in a round within the same match), without reseeding, until a winner emerges.

$5 registration fee for tournament operations
$1 per entry will give one try on one machine.
Players can enter and make the playoffs on only one try!

Top 8 receive payouts:

  • 1st 40%
  • 2nd 30%
  • 3rd 20%
  • 4th 10%
  • 5-8: $5

Side Tournament

Party Back in Time

This is a “hurdles”-style tournament on multiple machines

Starting with Party Zone, go back in time through Bally’s party set

One entry for $1, must complete the progressively more difficult goals on each machine to advance.
Fail at any level and this will be your score.
To improve your score, you’ll need to get a new entry and try again.


  • Get 2 million on Party Zone
  • Get 4 million on Dr. Dude
  • Get 8 million on Elvira and the Party Monsters
  • Get the highest score you can on Party Animals
$1, as many entries as you want to/can play.

Top 4 receive payouts:

  • 1st 40%
  • 2nd 30%
  • 3rd 20%
  • 4th 10%

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