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Power of Four Pinball Tournament – Results

September 11, 2014


Last weekend I competed in The Power of Four pinball tournament.  I had a great time!

The format was something new, and I always like to see this kind of innovation.  The basic registration of $5 was coupled with $1 per entry for each game.  All games were on free play.  There were eight games to qualify on, but the twist this time was that if you scored top 4 on any game, you were guaranteed a spot in the playoffs.  That really changes the expectations of players entering the event.  If you know even one of the games, you have a shot at the whole thing.

The $5 registration fees were divided to the host and those who voluntarily brought potluck food.  They weren’t expecting it, and it was  pretty class move.

Damien Charlety was Tournament Director and his wife Holly deserves a lot of thanks for doing the scorekeeping and registration.  Michael Hosier hosted at his home with an excellent collection of games and was also the grill master for the event.

Amazingly, I finished qualifying as 2nd seed.  I didn’t expect this at all given guys like Walter Hurwitz, Jeff Fehervari and Damien Charlety were in the mix.

Buck Rogers was positioned directly opposite the side tourney in a tight hallway configuration, and moon-landings (i.e. when butts collide) were a guarantee for all punters.  I think Buck Rogers got a bit less play because of that, but that’s exactly why I played it until I got the highest score.  Will I brave man-ass for a higher seed?  You better believe it. 

Newcomer Amanda Kunzi brought her A game. We faced off in the Finals.

I was the higher seed and chose Gorgar for our first game.  It was probably excitement, but I ended up tilt-failing, whereas I got away with some nice bumps in previous matches.  Next game went to Star Trek LE, which Damien set up very tough.  No ball save and no tilt warnings.

I knew Amanda knew this game very well.  She was top qualifier on it with over 50M and dealt a thrashing to her previous-round opponent in the semis.  I know ST okay, but I knew she was the better player going in.  My main hope was a mistake on her part to take it to game 3 on F14 Tomcat, where I felt I had the advantage.  At the end of her 3rd ball she put up a respectable 20M to my tilted-ball 2 of only 2M.  I was in a tough situation, but not impossible.  I started to mount a comeback with a stacked-Vengence and a Klingon ready to go, but tilted it all away like a chowderhead to end at 10M.  Thems the breaks. But good for her.

Congrats to Amanda Kunzi!

Full Results Below

1    Amanda Kunzi – GRAND CHAMPION
2    Jonny O.
3    Izzy S.
4    Adam P.
5    Walter H.
6    Jeff F.
7    Brad G.
8    Damien C.
9    Mike B.
10    Ann B.
11    Mike H.
12    Cassidy T.
13    David H.
14    Jenn C.
15    Bobby W.
16    Brandon T.
17    Juan B.
18    Avery H.
19    Debra H.
Party Back in Time:
1    Damien C.
2    Walter H.
3    Adam P.
4    Jeff F.
5    Jonny O.
6    Amanda K.
7    Mike H.
8    Jenn C.
9    David H.
10    Bobby W.
11    Juan B.
1    Avery H.
2    Alex C.
3    Hannah B.
4    Matthew H.
5    Zabrina
6    Katrina C.
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  1. Michael permalink
    September 11, 2014 9:58 pm

    Thanks for coming out, glad you had a good time!

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