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Andrei Massenkoff wins Ironman pinball machine!

October 10, 2014

Above: Andrei Massenkoff plays Ironman

PAPA 2011 World Champion Andrei Massenkoff defeated 15 other finalists in the RadioShack Pinball tournament to commemorate the lifting of the decades-old pinball ban in Oakland, CA.  In addition to winning a $5000 pinball machine, Andrei also received $2500 cash to pay the taxes.

1 Andrei Massenkoff
2 Trent Augenstein
3 Hal Erickson
3 Neil Shatz
5 Dan Dempsey
5 Tim Hansen
5 Aaron Nelson
5 Mitch Tunick
9 Damien Charlety
9 Matt Willmarth
9 Chris Heilig
9 TJ Beyer
9 John Lautmann
9 Devon Kelly
9 James Squires
9 Walter Hurwitz

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