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Tournament at Gestalt Haus 11/4

October 13, 2014

Hey folks.  Recent bay area transplant Aaron Nelson will be hosting a tournament in SF.  Details below


Gestalt Haus along with Allagash is hosting a Pinball and Beer event to raise money for Pinball Outreach Project on Nov. 4th.

Qualifying: Will be open from 1:00pm to 9:00pm. If you sign up from 1-4 you will receive 6 chances, from 4-8 you will receive 4 chances. No player may sign up after 8:00pm. Entry is $20.

There will be four machines that players will compete on using only two balls per game to record their best score. The top 3 scores on each machine will advance to the finals. If any player has a top score on more than one machine, the only score that will count will be the machine located furthest to the left on the leaderboard. Therefore allowing the 4th score on the next machine to advance to the finals.

Finals: Will be 4 player single game matches. The 4 players with the highest qualifying scores per machine will receive a bye. The other two matches will consist of two 2nd place scores and two 3rd place scores randomly assigned. The machine played will be randomly assigned as well.

Prizes: The top 4 players will be payed out after the pot is split and half is donated to POP.

Side Tourney: There will be a single ball high score side event where the winner will receive a Big Bang Bar translite. Unlimited entries, $5 a try. The entire side tourney cash take will be donated to POP.

Allagash Beer Specials: The entire day there will be beer specials on limited, special, and unique Allagash beer. A portion of the proceeds from all Allagash beer sales will be donated to POP.

Hope to see you all there.

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